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The Underground - Volume 12, Issue 2 - September 20, 2002

"... Allison Crowe is just like her music both deep and accessible, equal parts stirring and fun.

The Underground, the official newspaper of the UBC Arts Undergraduate Society, interviews everybody's favourite bird-inspired singer, Allison Crowe."

Kaitlin Fontana, Underground
September 20, 2002

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"6 Songs +" - Allison Crowe

"This song is as good as any Vanessa Carlton song and in fact reminds me a tad of her vocally."

A Review by Amy Lotsberg, Producer of Collected Sounds
September 20, 2002

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The Singer And The Gumshoe

"If you haven't heard of Allison Crowe, you will soon.

Why? Well, partly because the 20-year-old pianist-singer from Nanaimo, B.C., has a dark, powerful voice that seems to come out of nowhere, then thrusts into the stratosphere, falling somewhere between Alanis Morissette and Janis Joplin."

Alexandra Gill, The Globe and Mail
June 29, 2002

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JazzFest International - Concert Review

"In fact, the crowd loved Crowe and her trio. Rightly so. Her ability to make herself intensely vulnerable in front of an audience -- paired with a big, open-throated voice --is a powerful combination. And it doesn't hurt that she has a precocious ability to write radio-friendly confessional ballads."

Adrian Chamberlain, The Times Colonist
June 26, 2002

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"...the hottest thing out of Nanaimo since those creamy, fattening squares (Nanaimo bars)"

The Vancouver Courier
October 17, 2001

"As a songwriter & vocalist, Crowe is increasingly being recognized as a major talent - drawing favorable comparisons with a wide array of top jazz , rock & pop performers from the 1960s to today."

Seattle Gay News
July 27, 2001


"Allison Crowe almost literally brought down the house this weekend. Her Saturday night concert at Talons was so popular that not only did she need to book a second concert Sunday night, but, in honour of her loyal audience, Talons cut out most of the wall that divided the restaurant into two rooms. As a result every patron in the house was able to see and hear Crowe and her trio.

... at the grand old age of 19, Crowe has developed a growing local fan club that just couldn't wait to hear her sing and refused to let her leave the stage without an encore.

Crowe's trio, David Baird on the upright and electric bass, and Kevin Clevette on drums, were impressive musicians who complemented Crowe's keyboarding and strong, passionate voice. The group has a unique and powerful style led by Crowe."

Gail Trafford, Reporter, The Barnacle Island Journal
May 1, 2001

"Eighteen-year-old Allison Crowe came on stage with her arms swallowed shyly in a voluminous sweater that hid her hands. She then sat at the piano and proceeded to blast vocals of raw emotional power supported by resonant piano playing. Her singing was further augmented by the skilled work of Dave Baird on bass and Kevin Clevette on drums.

I was astounded by her phenomenal singing range that swept from breathy whispers and lilting warbles to cascade into a soul-clenching roar.

Crowe also displayed an engaging sense of humour and vulnerability between songs that completely charmed the audience. After one upbeat, skip-rope swirly tune that she described as being about 'all the weird stuff that goes around (her) mind all day,' the audience burst into a standing ovation.

Crowe responded by saying, 'Holy, there's sure a lot of you out there.'

If this isn't enough to make you run out to catch her next performance... she also writes her own music with emotionally evocative tones, interesting lyrics and a she shows a broad range of style. She is currently working on writing material for her first CD."

Mitchell Sherrin, Reporter, The Gulf Islands Driftwood
October 4, 2000

"Allison Crowe, an 18-year-old singer/songwriter/pianist has an alluring voice that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Her songs often explore the darkness of life, of dreams and love, with the beauty of existence shining through in her intense vocals."

Lisa Carroll, Reporter, The Alberni Valley Times
August 11, 2000

"Crowe is one helluva firecracker... The young artist has tight control of her vocal range, intrinsic soulfulness and an instinct for interpretation and intonation."

Anastacia Wilde, Reporter, The Gulf Islands Driftwood
July 5, 2000

"Allison Crowe is a 17-year-old 'Jewel' in the making. She is sending shivers up the spine of almost every onlooker. I've never seen talent that has affected me like this before."

Tina Ruotsalainen, veteran Booking Agent, Cosmic Debris magazine
March 1999

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