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Old News:

08/28/02: How is everyone? Well, not much being updated here. I've added Reena's Story to the Me & Alley section. I also made tour dates which you can get to from this page, and that's about it. I think everyone should sign the guestmap if they haven't yet, and umm.. I got my school schedual. Yeep! I have Art, Choir, Math & Physics (in that order) first semester. I don't know the order for the second one, but it's something like: Peer Tutoring, History, Pshycology, and English AP. Sounds hard and fun. I don't know. Have a good day everyone. I think I'm going to get out of the house for a change. It's sunny. Ciao!

08/25/02: Updates! Ok, so I have some Me & Alley parts done.. actually just Adrian's Story, so please send in whatever people! Also, I've added a review in the review area. You guys can also send All-E-Cards to all your friends which is really cool, and chat in the chatroom. Whooo hoo! I've got the guys bio up, and all that jazz. Keep looking for updates. Have a good night (or day). Peace, I'm out!

08/23/02: Good morning everyone! My computer died last night, so I figured both it and I needed some rest. I just came in here to tell you all about the updates made yesturday. I think every link is working (to some extent)! The music section is complete until new material is uploaded/found (and that means that I need the FTP stuff first... The All Crowe section still needs some adding to. Her bio section is done, but more press & media things can be expected to be added. I'm waiting for the guys to fill out their little survey to add it to their band area, so that's still pretty blank. I've got 12 pictures in the photo gallery, and have to sort through many many more. The On the Net section has been updated, and more links have been added there. The interactive section is pretty much done. I'm just waiting for you to send in stuff for the Me & Alley section. The Links section has an area where you can "Link Me" which is pretty cool to. So, that's all for now. The site is basically done, just needs more maintenance, and a couple new links!
11 more days until Jewel!!! 7th row!!!!

08/21/02: I can't take it anymore! I've been sitting in front of the computer since 9 am and it's now 4:13 pm. Ahhh! My head. Poor, poor head. It's actually not that bad. Really. I got lots done today! Crowe Covers is finally finished. Yep! FINISHED... until I get more, but hopefully that will be in at least two weeks, so I don't break down and cry (that's the hardest section to do because I have to look up lyrics, and pictures...). I added lots of links to the On the Net section. Those are all the links that I know of. If you know more, than please let me know. I made the Links page which only has one link. Yey me! I also started the Me & Alley sections so please send in some good stuff! I did the bio section (all but the press), and began a template for the band. I don't know, but my head hurts, so just click around and if it's working, it's working and if it's not then I didn't get to it yet. Tomorrow, I plan on adding the pictures! Sweet! Oh, right somebody teach me FTP! GRRR!

08/19/02: Hey everyone! Not too much has been done this week end. I really wanted to do more, but I got stuck at the mall. BLAH! Anyways, I made a poll section to start getting people to interact (ummm.. when they know about the site). I also set the template for the On the Net section. That's about it. I can't wait to have the covers done, so I can move onto the Bio and other fun things. Also, it appears that this will most likely not be my site address anymore, but more news when that comes this way. Have a good evening or day (whereever you are in the world), and let me know if you think that I should hold a contest! I've been thinking about it. It seems like fun, but I don't know! Yey! BBQ!

08/17/02: Alright! I'm finally done the whole 6 Songs + section of the site, so you can all go, download, and enjoy the songs. I've began Crowe Covers, but only Angel is working right now. Have fun singing along with that. Well, I'm out for the day. You can all expect the "Crowe Covers" to be complete soon, and I'll start on pictures next. Have a great day!

08/16/02: Still underconstruction. I added the contact to Adrian. Please don't send him e-mails about my site or if it's "working" or not because your wasting his time (in my opinion anyways) cause then he'll just mail me, and tell me that some things need fixing on the site. I added his contact so that you could mail him regarding merch, upcoming events, and other Crowe questions. I added "6 songs +" link which has Fade Away working. The guestbook also is up and running, so you can all give me feedback there. And sadly that's it, but it's taken like 3 hours, and my eyes are hurting from looking at the screen now, so I'm pretty much done for today. Also, I'm adding a counter cause the "counter here" bit is really ugly!

08/15/02: Making the site. Yey! Allison RAWWWWWWKS! Ok, so I KNOW the links don't work.. well not all of them. The buy link works, so BUY BUY BUY! *winks*. The contact works, so you can all send me hate mail if you'd like. Also, if you click "pain unspoken" it'll take you back to this page. Umm, you can also click on the picture of Allison to go to the Official Site, and all that jazz. The bottom (mini box) has some of her lyrics to give you a taste of what's in store... so yeah: ENJOY!