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Short Biography, "Shattering Her Last Shell":

Full Name: Allison Louise Crowe
Nicknames: Alley, Allison Chains, Alley Cat, Allison Wonderland.. the list goes on.. lol
Date of Birth: November 16th 1981
Sign: (scorpio sun, with leo moon, capricorn rising, venus in cap, mars in virgo, uranus in saggitarius,pluto in libra, neptune in saggitarius.. what am i missing.. i know there are more.. ah well lol
Instrument: Piano.. Vocal.. and some other things thrown in occasionally :o)
Level of education: lol.. no comment..
Future Dreams/Career: LIVING Musician, ALIVE Poet, BREATHING Singer.. maybe with some acting strewn about in there.. he he
Hobbies: writing, swimming, walking, soap making, candle making, drawing, dreaming..
Glass half empty or half full: i don't even HAVE a glass!!! :o) he he
Favorite Food: sushi..
Favorite Color: rainbow.. (i have to agree with rainbow.. i have rainbows everywhere.. lol)(even on my socks) that and blue, of course :o) but blue is IN a rainbow and what not..
Favorite Bands/Music: Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco,
Listen to.: Right now i am back in my "all i listen to is counting crows" phase.. which is most of the time... so right now. a whole lotta crows..
Favorite sports: swimming...
Favorite Movies: Life as a House, Lord of the Rings.. the X Files movie.. LOL there are more but i can't think of them right now.. Favorite TV Shows: the Simpsons, the X Files, all those true crime investigation shows..
Favorite Simpson's quote: there are so many... lol.. basically, the simpsons have taken over my day to day vocabulary. egggggcellent....... Friends are like.: the magical man.. from lollipop lane.. they make me happy :o)
I believe in.: ..believe in me, cause I don't believe in anything.. and i want to be someone who believes..
Greatest Fear: drowning
Greatest Achievement: Haven't been there yet ;o) (I can't believe i ate the whole thing!! lol j/k more simpsons..)
Greatest Memory: still to come...
Worst Moment: i've had some moments..that i won't go in to.. ergh... lol.. being the clumsiest person ever, moments sort of happen to me.. i fall down a lot. And that's only the beginning.. sometimes i fall down stairs.. in public places.. like a museum.. and i roll.. for a long time.. sometimes it's outside, and mud is involved.. sometimes i fall UP... that's what i get for daydreaming... and then other moments happen worse than falling.. but.. I'll stick with falling :o)
Comments: "hindsight is only foresight without a future"